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Department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Korelichi District executive committee

Address: 231430, Grodnoregion.
Korelichi town, 17 th September Square, 9, office.83.
Ph. /fax: 8 (01596) 7-08-15

Sanchuk Inna Mikhailovna, ph. 2-15-99

Main specialists:
Vishnevskaya Valentina Vladimirovna, ph. 2-23-81
Karpolenko Gennady Anatolievich, ph. 2-23-81

Working hours:
8.00-13.00 – 14.00-17.00
Saturday, Sunday

Cultural institutions network of the Korelichi district includes:
The State Cultural Institution "Korelichi District Centerfor Culture and Folk Art"
, which includes:
- 7 departments of culture and leisure;
- 5 sectors;
- Department of handicraft activities "Korelich House of Crafts";
- State institution of culture " Korelich Youth Center of Culture";

The state institution of culture "Korelich regional library" structure of which includes:
- Mir township library;
- 13 rural libraries;
- Korelichi Children"s Library;
- Korelichi District Library;

Cultural Institution "Korelichi District Local History Museum";
4 children"s art schools:

- State Educational Establishment "Korelichi Children"s Art School";
- State Educational Establishment "Mir Children"s Art School";
- State educational institution "Zhuhovichi Children"s Art School";
- State Educational Institution "Tsirinskaya Children"s Art School".

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